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Three reasons why we should expect a crackdown in Ukraine

Early this morning, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt shared on Twitter what he rightly called “ominous information”: there were reports from Kiev indicating that special forces had taken control of a TV tower in the Ukrainian capital. Mr. Bildt could not help but wonder if a dark scenario was in the works. The sad answer is […]

José Manuel and Herman go to China

After a trade war was narrowly avoided earlier this year, European Commission President José Manuel Durao Barroso and President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy will land on Friday in Beijing. One of their stated goals is to help narrow the EU’s huge trade deficit in trade in goods with China, amounting €146 billion in 2012 […]

Russia’s East Asian counterbalance

Exactly one week ago, we discussed South Korea’s President Park visit to Europe, which ended on Friday with a Joint Declaration celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the EU and the Republic of Korea. With tensions between Brussels and Moscow running high in advance of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, and with […]

China’s Periphery Diplomacy Initiative: a winning move

As reported by B. Glaser and D. Pal in a very informative article on the China US Focus website,  the Chinese government recently organized a high level meeting dedicated to periphery diplomacy for the first time ever. It was the first major gathering on foreign policy in Beijing since 2006, and it was attended by the entire […]

Most powerful man on Earth? Not Putin, but look East

Forbes Magazine published its updated list of most powerful personalities a few days ago, making headlines with the choice of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the most powerful individual in 2013. While many pundits criticize this choice by arguing that U.S. President Barack Obama is still no. 1, I would rather go with no. 3 […]